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African Colors (Student Work)

Designed by Caroline Slåttland Solheim, Norway.

We were going to sell a product from a developing country in Norway. We should then choose a design that worked and reminded about Africa. I chose Sole Rebels Footwear from Ethiopia in Africa. The shoes are 100% ECO and the soles are recycled tires. Chose them because they had some cool shoes, also that I could play much with the design. Everything I've made. Name, logo, format, pattern, hemp thread, etc. The box and shoes are also 100% ECO friendly.

2 comments: African Colors (Student Work)

  1. I like the little details of the packaging such as the string to open the box and the little illustration inside the box.

    The color pallet is very neutral - very nice!

    Great Job!

  2. Made things so easy. The packaging is really great and the message inside is really encouraging.


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