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Baker’s Dozen Egg Carton (Concept)

Designed by Randy Ludacer of Beach Packaging Design, United States.

Maybe it was a counter-intuitive response to finding out that my cholesterol levels were slightly elevated, but last year I began to play around with an idea for fitting even more eggs into a carton. The “Baker’s Dozen” egg carton is the result.

This close-packed hexagonal arrangement adds one more egg to the traditional 12, making it a perfect “baker’s dozen.”

Concept, name, logo, structural & graphic design ©2012 by Beach Packaging Design

3 comments: Baker’s Dozen Egg Carton (Concept)

  1. this creative logo design concept of egg is really good and too much creative as well.

  2. Love the name. Think there will be too much wasted space when being transported and stacked though

  3. Simple, but with a difference. I like it.


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