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Fixes N' Stitches (Student Work)

Designed by Sam Danan, United States.

Repairing holes or rips on garments is not always an easy task to do, but with the right and basic tools, it can be an easy fix. On my search to find the perfect toolbox for this sewing tool kit, I was lucky enough to find an aluminum container formally used to hold bolts from largest to smallest, which is why it’s shaped the way it is. After I had scarped the oil from the bottom, sanded down rough areas, scrubbed every corner, and spray painted it with a vibrant red, I then decided to create a base for the bottom because the items that the container carried would become too sunken in and difficult to retrieve. I then added straps for needles to loop onto, a slot for mini sewing scissors, and a tab to pull up the base just enough to stop right when its’ surface reaches the top of the container. After, I designed a label to adhere to the front and the back of the repair kit and used the logo on the outside sleeve as well. For the outside sleeve, I constructed my own duplex paper by adhering pearl finished metallic paper onto white cardstock and added red stitching to tie in the theme of sewing culture versus industrial culture.

1 comment: Fixes N' Stitches (Student Work)

  1. Made things so easy, and made it done easily. The packaging is good.


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