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Birdy Juice (Concept)

Designed by Mats Ottdal, Norway.

Concept for Packaging design for Birdy Juice with 3 different fruit flavors. The idea occurred me when I folded out a standard Tetra pak juice carton, before I put it in the recycling bin. The packaging could be something more. Birdy Juice is a concept for fruit juice using the form of the juice carton to create wings and feet for bird characters. Its basically a product for kids who can play around with the juice packaging as different kind of birds. It also makes it easier and fun to fold out the packaging before it goes in the recycling.

The idea is still learning to fly and more work is coming soon.

4 comments: Birdy Juice (Concept)

  1. Very clever concept. The packaging is fitted on young ages. Now a days, one must think a unique packaging design that can actually widely held.

  2. its honestly really really sweet, old!

  3. Nice, its a very good idea, great packaging


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