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NAKA Luxury Candle (Concept)

Designed by J. Turner and M. Vilavahn, United States.

NAKA Candles, a modern packaging and product concept collaboration between Design Packaging's J. Turner, and M. Vilavahn. The origami based Naka, meaning "the middle" embodies the package and product within emphasizing the center crease that serves the functionality and overall aesthetic.

The visual approach to the candle line is powerful, strong, and focused. The simple contrast between the matte and gloss finishes that accentuate the angled surfaces of the packaging structure highlight the collapsibility of the packaging, as well as the fine line that separates light and dark.

The candle inside dramatizes the centerfold, the black soy wax visually demands attention, and the metal base is designed to leave an impression. Luxury candle packaging designed to honor traditional methods with a modern twist.

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