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Fresh Fish Pack Concept

Designed by PostlerFerguson, United Kingdom.

Supermarkets are expanding their fresh fish offerings to include more sustainable species like gurnard, mackerel and skate. These fish are cheaper and just as tasty, but customers often shy away from them because they are unfamiliar and occasionally just plain ugly.

This fish packaging proposal helps put these fish back on equal standing with their more recognized brethren by placing them in an attractive and highly recognizable packaging solution. The packages are intended for use at fresh fish counters. Constructed from a double layered polyethylene, they are airtight, resealable and can be filled with ice for transport to keep your fish fresh until it hits the pan!

4 comments: Fresh Fish Pack Concept

  1. Weird but I think it will work!

  2. Really really awesome. But this wont work. Prolly the packaging would cost a lot more than the fish. You don't buy fishes in awesome packaging. Imagine how costly would be this packaging.

  3. so environmental unfriendly

  4. ... environment


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