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La Perle Macarons (Student Work)

Designed by Cristina Buonanno, Italy.

This is a school project I've done during my Packaging Design course.

The brief was to create the packaging for a free choice product.

I chose the french sweets macarons and I invented a hypothetical brand of the product, of which I created a market analysis considering its positioning, its Moodboard (a scheme that explains through images the brand values) and its competitors in Italy.

After that I chose the name of the brand: La Perle, because macarons are sweet and colorful as precious pearls.

Then I created the logo and graphics, applying them on my folding box model together with the image of the key-visual.

For the material of the box I thought of a rough cardboard because I wanted dissociate the product from the traditional imaginary, ie a product too expensive and chic, and position the brand in a medium-range market.

Finally, I pointed out the printing process in the case of production of my packaging.

2 comments: La Perle Macarons (Student Work)

  1. The packaging box is simply gorgeous. It appears very wholesome and clever.

  2. Thank you so much, I'm very glad you appreciate my packaging box!


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