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Pack-Up for McDonald's

Designed by Adrien Olczak and Clarisse Simonneau, France.

How can we reduce McDonald's packaging's environmental impact?

Our answer is a polypropylene packaging which can be fold/unfold and washed after use with actual plates. It enter into a cradle to cradle cycle as PP can be melt down again over time.

"Firstly, we started from the premise that when we eat in fast food, there is no difference between the containers to eat in or take away. While in any restaurant classic, consumers are eating in a container reused thereafter.

When they consume on site, customers use very little disposable packaging, between the counter and when they unpack their food. It therefore seemed interesting to rethink how to deal with this packaging in McDonald's restaurants.

This project is not just a "simple" design competition whose sole purpose is the premium given to winning projects, but it was a genuine cooperation with McDonald's ® France. McDonald's commitment to develop the project selected in real tests and the award of a scholarship winners are consistent with the key elements that we were tempted to take on a major challenge." - Clarisse Simonneau

5 comments: Pack-Up for McDonald's

  1. Genius! Simple yet effective way, wanna see it in all McDonald's now!


  3. another mcdonalds pack solves issues with holding food and drink in one container
    I think this pack went live at Empire cinema holds popcorn and a drink.

  4. I too want to see it at McDonald's now! :P

  5. a very simple one but great packaging concept!


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