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St.Stephen Hair Accessories

Designed by Prompt Design, Thailand.

In today's haircare accessories market the level of competition is high. For a brand to standout from the crowd, it needs to be unique and able to differentiate itself from the competition.

St. Stephen is a brand new hair accessories line carrying products such as bobby pins, elastics, hair pins and head wraps. The most popular products are bobby pins and elastics. The principal of this collection set is to use packaging design and simple arrangement to appeal to different segments of consumers. Matching the functionalities of bobby pins and elastics with design characteristics that resinate with the target market generates a huge impact on the shelf and make a sale more likely.

4 comments: St.Stephen Hair Accessories

  1. Innovative way of showing the pins! Great job!

  2. this kind of idea already has, Kiki Katahira made a hair name card for a salon won sliver
    at ADC NY six or seven years ago.

  3. It really helps to create something unique , different and new in presenting a product. I love the pin style forming as a hair.

  4. coolest, it makes product difference and interesting !


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