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T-BUL Spice Mix

Designed by Eddie Goldfine of XPRESS!ONS, Israel.

T-BUL is a series of 5 dedicated spice mixes, developed and produced by Israel's leading spice manufacturer- Taam Vareach.
The series is branded T-BUL (a play on the words "Spice" and "Precise" or "On the Mark".

Each of the 5 mixes, Fish, Burger, Salad, Chicken and Beef are color coded and bear an appetizing food shot combined with the colorful spice mixes.
The brown-copper background is warm, inviting and elegant in addition to the black caps.

T-BUL was successfully launched during the holiday season in Israel.

1 comment: T-BUL Spice Mix

  1. Very warm presented look. Nice container shape for condiments. The design really goes on it.


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