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Hold and Hollo

Label design: Örsi Juhász
Capsule design: Gergő Kovács
Country: Hungary

Labels are widely used in trade and the default function is to display info about the product while also raising awareness by looking attractive, creating a mood. For the large part labels are made of paper and the inclusion of colour, typography, images and so on combine to create the more complex function of a label. We would therefore like to create a label which combines the basic function with the extra functions. The silicone label is more attractive and has a tactile appeal. The label is easily removeable and can even be returned for reusing or the inside surface of the label can be used to write on if one so wishes.

1 comment: Hold and Hollo

  1. Look very nice and will certainly stand out, but the only thing that throws me off is that cap. It looks different.


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