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OOQI Grips

OOQI grips are double-fat, slide-on bicycle handlebar grips Designed and Made in Canada.

We launched OOQI grips in October of 2011, and we were all very excited about our product and our packaging. The packaging looked great and was a very nice as a concept, but ultimately didn't perform very well in stores; people would just grab the grips and end up accidentally destroying the packaging which was just a 36pt piece of die-cut card stock (try saying that 5 times fast). Once the packaging was destroyed, shop owners would throw them in a bag and put a $30 price tag on them...where they would sell MUCH slower.

It was a rough and rather expensive lesson to learn, but it forced us to put greater thought into how our product would ultimately perform in the real world and how people perceived it. The result is a package design that we're even more proud of. Some pretty neat, retro wrap-around graphics mounted to custom, pretty-rugged corrugated die cut-cardboard box. Having the grips in a box also gives us the ability to put some fun stuff inside, we decided cute little rocket stickers would do the trick.

The vibrant colors and the copy are a nod to an old-school, comic-booky feel and a reference to the "gee-WIZ" toys made in the 50's and 60's. We've found the design has resonated with all kinds of demographics from kids all the way to baby-boomers.

Previous Packaging - people would just grab the grips and end up accidentally destroying the packaging

1 comment: OOQI Grips

  1. The packaging box appeared very stunning. Unlike other boxes, it has a locks on the side. This one is more convenient to unwrap.


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