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Designed by Timba Smits for Godmode

Godmode - an apparel company offering a new take on gaming t-shirts and accessories by combining three factors - glorious designs, collectable packaging, and rarity tags. The packaging was inspired by NES game sleeves and is meant to capture gaming culture. The purpose of the packaging supposed to emulate the exact act of opening an original Nintendo game. The opening of the packaging is an enjoyable experience due to that memory and nostalgia. The artwork on the box is also a nod to and also satire of the late 80's early 90's typical video game prevalent in Japanese-made action games.

3 comments: Godmode

  1. - so that's where you get ur inspiration from

  2. A very nice concept. T-shirt on a box is cool. Another one is that effect used on the packaging that look so vintage. Very good work


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