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Designed by Second Studio, Taiwan.

Jeanyuan is a new pastry brand in Huizhou, China with an enthusiasm and dedication to bring a diversity of Chinese flavors to their products. Their most recognized flavors are Litchi and salted vegetables. We designed a series of eye-catching packaging in order to strengthen the image of the brand and to increase consumers’ interest in purchasing the products. The unique one-piece packaging structure decreases costs as well as enhances visual aspects, making it visually appealing with its arc form, classy pattern and vivid color. The ribbon handle design also allows the package to be easily carried.

2 comments: Jeanyuan

  1. It's All In The PackageDecember 18, 2012 at 5:06 AM

    Seriously love these. The very last one sort of reminds me of Panera Bread's new to-go package. I like how compact and clean they are - I'd definitely associate this with a specific brand/company if I saw someone carrying it.

  2. Eye-catching packaging. I like its vivid color!and i think it is easy to open.


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