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The Teamaker´s Private Reserve

Designed by Dizen, Argentina.

The Teamakers Private Reserve – From the DILMAH family is the TOP LEVEL range of teas from DILMAH company. The range is presented in a very niche, selective channel consisting of premium hotels.

This teas are from a single origin and is oriented to tea educated consumers.
The design is base on a neutral color palette (Brown, black and gold) that combines perfectly with the colofull labels that communicates the variety of the tea.
The texture that arround the label is made with the illustration of the “two leafs and a bug” of the tea plant.

1 comment: The Teamaker´s Private Reserve

  1. badpackaging reviewsDecember 15, 2012 at 12:01 AM

    So you expect some old lady to used a microscope to see how the product looks like on ur micro tea design. GJ my friend, you earned urself the name Dr. Blind Sight. Don't take a close up photo u tard its not gonna make the product look bigger. Please take 10 meters back and look at your design, you'll notice something in ur life, that you've been designing at a microscale, much like ur penis and everything else you have. Get a friend to look at your design, not your girlfriend.


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