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Carr’s Biscuits Redesigned (Student Project)

Designed by Xiaomeng. Carol. Shi, United States.
School: Pratt Institute

To revolutionize the tone & manner of Carr’s soon-to-be, this is the limited holiday edition that commemorative packaged staple cracker products. Three staples from their existing product line will introduce this packaging to the consumer: “Poppy & Sesame Crackers, Table Water Crackers, and Whole Wheat Crackers.” This litmus-test packaging system’s intent is to spur lagging sales; by enticing a younger, “hipper” consumer whose perception of the current line is “Old English & Stodgy.”

1 comment: Carr’s Biscuits Redesigned (Student Project)

  1. I live in Carlisle - and this branding is great! Bring it to Britain too!


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