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Missile Energy Drink


Missile Energy Drink comes from the use of marketing concepts that had not been fully developed before: Visual Marketing and Packaging Innovation.

These two concepts were never combined in such a clever way. The brand name is Missile and the product is an actual Missile. It is simple, direct and easy to remember. The product and its visual communication become therefore inseparable and their fusion is what reaches out to people.

The results are outstanding. Research shows that 89% of consumers that see Missile feel curious and ask about it. This obviously helps to increase Impulse Buying and Brand Awareness.

In fact, most of these “viewers” end up trying the product or talking about it to someone else. Missile Energy Drink is described as different, stylish and fun, which makes people want to try it. Then it is all up to Missile’s amazing flavor, this is where Missile achieves repeated purchases and, consequently, brand loyalty.

All these factors combined have helped to position Missile Energy Drink as the "Most Wanted" energy drink in the market.

3 comments: Missile Energy Drink

  1. Yeah both with overcap. I've been drinking Missile for a while and when I tried 9mm I was very dissapointed, nothing to do in terms of flavor.

  2. looks more like a bullet than missile.


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