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Designed by Hired Guns Creative, Canada.
Photography by Sean Fenzl

Stoutnik, from Longwood Brewery

Russian Imperial Stouts are some of the darkest beers around. Longwood's Brewery's innovative take on this style of beer is as black as space itself.

Stoutnik's frosted matte black bottle is immediately visible from a distance and printing techniques not usually seen on craft beer labels increase the differentiation even more. A frosted matte black bottle is combined with a prismatic foil stamp and a story about the beer told in blind-embossed Morse Code.

4 comments: Stoutnik

  1. Beautiful labels and bottle. I love the details in Morse Code. I'm looking forward to trying the beer too. Stouts are my favourite.

  2. Good job, but it is not clear why it is called ST(zero)UTNIK.

  3. Nice, but sPutnik (in russian).

  4. Chhavi-Packaging ConnectionsApril 24, 2013 at 12:32 PM

    Nice concept and intelligent use of printing technology.


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