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Smithuis Bakery (Student project)

Designed by Peter Braakhuis, The Netherlands.

Great taste instead of Waste

For many years, Smithuis bakery waste, such as stale bread and crumbs, were dried and mixed for animal feeding. It is rich in fat and carbohydrate, but the protein quality and the vitamin content are low. As better and more suitable food sources emerged, Smithuis had to find alternatives and decided to do something different: turning waste into something delicious while increasing profits.

This project elaborated on the development of a packaging that could fulfill the predefined goals by Smithuis; modern, luxurious and quality. The function of a packaging plays in the purchase decision of customers, especially concerning supermarket products, an important aspect. But packaging is much more than ‘the box around the product’. Packaging not only fulfills a lot of functions (ranging from ‘protecting’ to ‘informing’ and beyond), it also plays a vital role in the supply- and value chain of products.

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  3. Chhavi-Packaging ConnectionsApril 16, 2013 at 5:08 PM

    Nice design for snack food packaging


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