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4 Elements Markogianni Winery

Designed by Chris Trivizas, Greece.
Creative Director: Chris Trivizas
Graphic Design: Chris Trivizas, George Strouzas
Text Editor: Sissy Caravia
Production Supervisor: Chris Trivizas
Photography: Math Studio, George Strouzas, Chris Trivizas

The Markogianni winery is located in Skilountia of ancient Olympia, in Peloponnese. As the project referred to the creation of labels for four products of the winery (white, rose and red wine and aged ‘tsipouro’), our goal was to create a tetralogy with a common visual identity, a clear vision and strong differentiation from the competition.

Inspiration for the labels came from the four elements of nature (water, earth, air and fire), also inextricably linked with the creation of these spirits. The color of the wines led to the choice of the corresponding symbols, while the high concentration of alcohol in the ‘tsipouro’, led to the assignment of the symbol of fire.

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