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Egge Farm

Designed by Strømme Throndsen Design, Norway.

Egge Gård / Egge Farm have been growing fruit since 1702, and all of the tradition and knowledge are now in the hands of the 11th generation, Marius Egge, who is continuing to produce premium products with fresh, handpicked fruits from the farm. Strømme Throndsen Design has assisted Egge Gård in developing new visual identity and packaging design.

We have designed a range of apple juices with illustrations inspired by the beautiful apple trees at the farm, and other handmade alcohol based products with apples, all with high quality and delicious taste.

3 comments: Egge Farm

  1. This needs to be made a reality rather than a concept. Brilliant design!

  2. well done!! love it!! the best ever i've seen in asia!!

  3. Hey guys, if you like this packaging contact


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