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Rise & Shine Energy Drink (Concept)

Designed by Remark Studio S.R.L, Romania.

Analyzing the energy drinks market we notice a lack of innovation in packaging and also in material and shaped used for energy drinks.

We wanted a premium energy drink for clubs, bars, etc. A new concept that should be disruptive and also have a big potential from communication point of view.

The naming - In order to be easy memorable by consumers should be based on a saying that is used in day to day life, underlining the benefit of the product.

Production idea: The bottle should be made of thermo sensitive.

When the product is taken from the fridge should be white and as you consume it and temperature rises should turn into grey , as a bulb is consumed. The cap should be made of aluminium. Other production options can consider transparent glass or even PET bottles in these case the drink should be milk white and other graphics elements should be added.

2 comments: Rise & Shine Energy Drink (Concept)

  1. Great concept! though i have doubts it will do well in the it feels like drinking poisonous liquid from electronic parts, other than that, good idea!

  2. Elegant, beautiful, mind blowing illustration!


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