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Freska (Student Project)

Designed by Mauricio López
Country: Uruguay

School project that consisted in the packaging of a fictitious water brand named "Freska". The four sided bottle has three almost exact faces being the only difference the background color, wich allows the bottle to have three different background colours depending on the position is placed at the store.

4 comments: Freska (Student Project)

  1. Awesome illustration!

  2. These look lovely! Would love an owl for my kitchen! xxx

  3. Hi there,

    It's unfortunate but I need to request for this work to be removed from this website. She is using 3D renders I originally created for my Opal Tea Co project (also featured on this website). While I appreciate that she liked my base shape for my tea packaging and I think her illustration is absolutely charming, this is copyright infringement and she's using base renders I spend many hours creating.

    Original here:

    Thank you.


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