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10 Projects You Shouldn't Miss In August

It's near the end of August and here we are putting together some of the most inspiring projects we've ever seen this month.

Blossom Cava Sparkling Wine by PackLab

What a clever idea, turn the bottle upside down and it is also a bouquet of beautiful flowers! Some readers mentioned that it might not be a good idea as it will ruin the wine while some just love it. Well, it's a pretty awesome idea.

Khaohom: Sustainable Rice Packaging (Student Project) by Warinporn Bussayajirapong

Warinporn designed this packaging with sustainability in mind. The material that is used is a type of leaf that can be grown naturally and anywhere that has water and it can be decomposed.The actual packaging can be cooked in the rice cooker, stored after its done (keeps in heat) and reusable. Since sticky rice is harder to cook, this is also a shortcut alternatively targeted at westerners.

SHIZEN by In-young Bae

Shizen brings to a whole new experience of un-boxing. In-young Bae says: "Consumers can see the blooming image presents by the packaging and each individual smaller pack also creates flower or plants shapes on the top when they are combined."

Clifton - An Engagement Ring Box by Andrew Zo

Planning for a surprise proposal? Well, you can keep this in your pocket or the wallet. Check out how it reveals the ring inside, how enchanting!

Colores Santos by Ancla Studio

100% Mexican. 100% Awesome. Check out the intriguing sketch of the rooster.

Piedra Negra by Alma

The design of the coffee bags out for the detailed illustration (shown in both packages in black and white), is a resource for design that seduces the amount of detail that catches the eye for the complexities of the line of work and explosions of color.

Emotions Cup by Backbone branding

Check out this cup turning from happy to sad in one twist of the hand!

Fatum by Cristian Baciu

Cristian Baciu was selected to be the artist of the year to design the wine label. He created “fatum”, a puzzle that comprises many hidden symbols: an inverted eye, an hour glass or roads that lead to different directions.

Gawatt Take-out Coffee-shop by Backbone branding

Another top design by Backbone branding, this time with tastefully done patterns on the coffee cups for Gawatt Take-out Coffee-shop.

Bottlass (Concept) by Innovative Design Service Inc

This patented packaging by Innovative Design Service Inc can be a cup and it can be a bottle, how interesting!

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