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GAEA Fruit Bars

Creative Agency: mousegraphics
Location: Greece
Project type: Produced, Commercial work

The Briefing (In Brief): “We would like to renew packaging for our fruit bars in order to claim a better position in the market."

The target consumer: Modern consumers in the international market. Mostly young to adults, busy and health conscious people.

The design: We studied the relevant market carefully and discovered that fruit bar packaging is dominated by the same aesthetic: small surfaces busy with information, colors and naturalistic details to the end that the product look misses the point of the very simplicity and practicality that lies in the product's making. Our client, Gaea, has a reputation for natural practices and the use of pure ingredients. We decided to place all focus on relating this fact to the consumers in a strikingly minimal way. For both the individual and multiple bar packages we cleared the front and laid a crispy white surface. Each fruit taste (peach, fig, apple) is conveyed by a domineering close up of the fruit (on the bar) and its full shape (on the box). The fruit image has a distinctly sharp character and the effect of a 3D experience.

4 comments: GAEA Fruit Bars

  1. this simplicity brings relaxation and happiness

  2. strong concept, but with that much emphasis on the details of the fruit, it could've been illustrated alot better


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