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Sexyfood Insects

Creative Agency: Atelier Design
Project type: Commercial work
Location: Belgium

Sexyfood doesn’t just sell insects, it sells unique experiences.

The concept itself is very simple: why don’t you surprise your friends with something different, like an insect-tasting session? Sexyfood provides all the ingredients for an unforgettable evening. The appearance of the products – the logo, style and packaging – all help to create a special experience. The luxurious packaging has a definite air of mystery. There are 28 different product packs altogether, each pack identified with a number and each sauce with a pattern.

3 comments: Sexyfood Insects

  1. Interesting concept, but I see two potential obstacles to this being implemented: 1. Its indiscreet, so anyone carrying it is essentially labeled homeless. That can create a lot of issues. 2. The tool can be perceived as a spiked club, and that's not the sort of thing most organizations would care to hand out to local homeless populations.
    The core concern, however is very real and its good to see someone considering practical steps to help.

  2. is it a diet product because it looks so unappetizing on the box that you don't buy the food?

  3. can't be produced IRL...that compound curve.


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