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AQUA Natural Mineral Water

Creative Agency: seriesnemo
Location: Spain

AQUA is an ideological conviction of design, which supports the idea that consumer products can have soul. Everyday, basic and affordable products should connect emotionally with the consumer. The features of the design, the rounded vertical striations that give structure to the bottle and the color of PET (green water) work to offer the refraction, transparency and ringtones only found in glass bottles. A bottle of nostalgic, soft and elegant that captures the essence and light of the Mediterranean forms. AQUA is also a sustainability effort. It is made ​​from PET 29gr. with 1.4 gr standard plug. natural polypropylene (no color additives) and a label printed in two colors only. Moreover, the design has been optimized to meet the demanding requirements of logistics platforms and achieve a significant reduction in carbon footprint.

1 comment: AQUA Natural Mineral Water

  1. The new label has all of the visual cues of a citrus flavored vodka, but clearly is not. ( yellow logo, yellow cap, yellow vertical stripe ) This is going to confuse consumers to no end. A confused consumer's choice is up for grabs, and you will lose some customers on the transition. I do really like the blue wrap ( or tinted glass? ) a lot. That will really pop on a retail shelf. You and I see the yellow vertical and yellow cap and think Sweden. I am 100% positive that not all of our customers will will reach the same conclusion.


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