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10 Projects You Shouldn't Miss In November

It's the end of the month again and here are 10 most mind-blowing, creative and interesting packaging projects that has the highest posts views, social shares, social likes and people reach for the month of November 2014.

Naked - Intimate Care Products (Concept) by Neretin Stas

The most gentle and delicate cosmetics are intimate care products. Reflecting the character of its contents, the package also stands all naked before you having nothing to hide. Its tender color and soft curves resemble the naked body. Every touch makes a tube, a cup or a bottle a little confused. So as soon as you take it in your hand, it will timidly glow right where you touch it. This flirty effect is made possible by covering the package with special thermochromic paint reacting to warm hands.


Pepsi Can (Concept) by Nguyen HaiDuong

The idea based on 3 ancient cultures (Maya, Egypt and Japan). There's only thing important linked those 3 cultures is "Sun". Nguyen HaiDuong replaced the Pepsi's logo in front The Sun, It creates 3 difference moments (Japan-morning, Maya-noon, Egypt-afternoon)


Finca de la Rica by Dorian

"El Buscador", "El Guía" and "El Nómada" are three wines from a line designed under the concept of leisure. The packaging focuses on the moment of relax and pleasure that gives you a good glass of wine, through a fun and original label that invites consumers to participate directly on the bottle itself to complete or resolve the puzzles.


MILLESIME Champagne by Jerome Olivet

The Millesime new brand offers a unique range of flavor. Only the best grapes of the most remarkable years are selected. These can be enjoyed in these exclusive models bottle with futuristic design. Each bottle has its own character. The glass is as carved and shows the richness of champagne. It is a pleasure of every moment. We discover at the first glance this spin, this slender shape. Then caress this glass dress shimmers in the light. Champagne takes its strength from these racy bottle and transforms the party into a unique experience.


PACKPLAY (Student Project) by Veronica Kjellberg and Mila Rodriguez

The Aube bag-in-the-box, accordion-style wine package lets you squeeze out every last drop without having to cut open the box itself. Additional benefits: it stands out on retail shelves, squeezing the box as it empties gives some idea about how much wine is left, and the shrinking size makes it more efficient for recycling.


Ikano Songs of Bahus (Concept) by DDB Georgia

Being the country, that has a very old wine culture, traditions and everyday life closely related with wine, has made bottle packaging standardized under simple, traditional Georgian style and symbolic. DDB Georgia's task was to create a unique wine bottle packaging, that would make young spirits fall in love with brand, and drive them to grab a bottle from the first sight.


Vegeterra Frozen Vegetables by mousegraphics

mousegraphics wanted to convey a sense of affordable quality as discussed with our client. As the target consumer is someone conscious of his choices in regards to both nutritional value and value for money, we opted for the simple clear message of a certain closeness to nature and its processes.


BEAR Paws by B&B

With a donation from each pack going to WWF, our limited edition BEAR Paws packs highlight endangered bear species from polars to pandas. Our playful SRPs continue the story, using paws and peepers for extra emotional impact.


Under Your Skin by Robot Food

As an ever-growing lifestyle trend, we felt the tattooing world was ready for a specialist care range. We created the product proposition then got to work on a catchy name, hipster-esque typography and striking illustrations – all balanced with clean, cosmetic credibility and designed to attract even the most hardcore tattoo lover.


Panino Organic Rice by Sciencewerk

Organic rice packaging project for Panino illustrating the city of Banyuwangi. Panino works together with local farmers to produce high quality organic rice, cultivated from one of the best agricultural lands in Indonesia, Banyuwangi and uses seeds of local varieties that are developed and planted using System of Rice Intensification (SRI) method and Jajar Legawa to yield rice with better nutrient content. Packaging conceptualized, designed at Sciencewerk Studio by Adji & Danis , Sketched by Erwan Priyadi, Illustrated by Roby Dwi Antono.


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