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The Book of Stranger

Creative Agency: Stranger & Stranger
Location: London, New York, San Francisco
Online shop: Stranger Shop

Twenty years is a long time in studio years and so we thought we’d celebrate the year with something a little less frivolous than our typical offering. The Book of Stranger features a few hundred of the four and a half thousand jobs we’ve done in that time and the cover, inspired a little by Hieronymous Bosch features all of them. We were looking for appropriate packaging and the human skin covered books of the Bosch era seemed appropriate. Just kidding, it’s not human. It is skin though.

2 comments: The Book of Stranger

  1. Would I be able to
    simply say, this online journal is the thing that got me as the day progressed

  2. its a wonderful packaging, im really loving it...let me go now..because i want to order one for me.....


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