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Sabadì - I Torroni

Agency: Happycentro
Art direction: Federico Galvani
Illustration: Ilaria Roglieri
Graphic design: Roberto Solieri & Ilaria Roglieri
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Verona, Italy

Traditionals Torroni (nougats) directly from the heart of Sicily, with Slow Food raw materials. With a perfect balance between honey, pistachios, almonds and citrus zest this Torroni are the ideal treat for satisfy your sweet tooth.

Sicily is a marvelous place, a melting pot where several idioms, art forms and flavors could mix and influence each other. There we started, from the idea of composing visually and metaphorically that environment,
made of various rich narrative elements.

Sabadì always starts by picking the best raw materials, tiles of a tremendous mosaic of flavors that we translate in a mosaic of stories to tell. Stories that come from the ground, sprout in the countryside, spread through the streets, the squares, the fountains, the churches, the palaces, the places, the people.

Each bar is a chapter, made of four, and when placed side by side the entire story is a wonderful panorama.

9 comments: Sabadì - I Torroni

  1. Do you really think this is useful? Seriously?

  2. I absolutely love it! I would buy the pizza just to try, so ya it works for me!

  3. No, but it could increase the branding and sales of one's brand.

  4. AGREED, napkin...done. What a waste of paper/stock especially when the actual design is not "mind-blowing". This layout tells me what the pizza is about to paste like: bland.

  5. Absolutely love this concept, best thing ever! Great name too - GIVE ME SOME PIZZA NOW!! nom nom

  6. This is just wasteful.

  7. This is like eating a burger with fork and knife. No. Also, everyone who has ever eaten pizza knows bread is dry - it's never a problem to held the pizza from the crusting and eat it from there... no dirty hands.

  8. It would be interesting to see what the difference is in the actual amount of paper stock to create this type of packaging. It would certainly add to the time of placing the product in it for the kitchen people ... but does make a great option for serving/selling single slices ...

  9. In a world of on the go, who wants pizza oil on their shirt or blouse? As for all those bickering about the paper, are you kidding most single slices get placed into styrene. Great job.


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