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36 Hoseo University Packaging Projects

Student projects are always amazing to look at, they are always full of creativity as they are not bounded by any restrictions. Many readers have been telling us how they get so much inspirations by looking at our student projects postings. For the past few weeks, we were overwhelmed by the sheer number of submissions from the visual communication design students of Hoseo University in Seoul, South Korea. We were also equally amazed by the quality of work these students created. Warning: Please be prepared, there will be lots of scrolling to do.

Sweet Maker designed by Jihyun Lee

Customers can make cookies into the shapes and tastes in the way they want through the home-baking set Sweet Maker for their special occasions. To be more specific, they can purchase the product in semi-made way and cook the way they want on their own. The product contains from the materials for the cookies to the parts for the decoration. They can enjoy the pleasure of giving cookie gifts while having fun making. Customers can feel the creative fun-time through making cookies.

We have separated the special occasions into Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays. The products express each occasion’s special features to have the customers recognize the time of the special day. We also have expressed the products with octagon structure shape for the handle for the round-shaped cookie with luxury concept. The icing flow on cookies delivers the package unification yet put the distinguishable symbols for handles.

Lately, there are trends of using homemade products for the means of well-being. Moreover, there are expansions of the DIY products in various fields. Sweet Maker has the merits of expressing one’s characteristic by making what the one wants to make.

Bambish designed by DaYoung Kim

The bambish means the brand of environment friendly nature bomb bowl as the compound word of bamboo and dish. The product has been developed as the tableware of organic farming with nature environment has been making a popularity in the market. As the set of bamboo was made by 100% purity of natural materials of bamboo, it was made by natural bamboo by itself and making easy receipt with light without any toxic substances. If the product of bamboo has a food, it feels warm as making by natural bamboo and also more luxurious comparing with the tableware of metal materials. And the product has a sterilization and vermifuge effects by itself of bamboo and also has therapy effects caused by the incense of bamboo.

The acquaintance structure of the product has been coming from a motive from section of bamboo formality, This graphic motivates entrance the shine in bamboo forest and the graphic was designed to be with color and quality of inside bamboo material except for formality of bamboo.

Muve Earphone Packaging designed by Kwon Go Hyuk

What is Muve?
Muve(music wave) is an earphone brand. While original earphones have the disadvantage of the lines getting entangled, Muve’s earphones do not get entangled as they are made from zippers, shoelaces and sleep shades. Also, it is highly individualistic, as the earphones have special designs. Thus, this product is attractive and practical.

What about graphic?
In order to show this kind of individualism, we designed so that the product and the package will harmonize. By making the product and the graphic become harmonized, we emphasized on the fact that our product is a fashion earphones. Also, as our product is very distinctive, we did not put too much graphic to emphasize more on the product. Also, it also has high level of completeness through comparison of colors.

What about color?
By used the color chosen by pantone in 2015 trend color more vividly. By using black as the background, we emphasized on the chic, through point color and comparison. Muve will become an earphone product that will alleviate the entangled mood and also will increase the sense of individualism through the package.

What about logo?
As the product is earphone, we used san serif type of font for the logo, to make it look simple and sophisticated. By designing the headset on M as a one point, we tried to show that our brand produces earphones, headset and speaker.

Atoki designed by Jo Sunghyun

The name of a functional wear brand, ‘ATOKI,’ is a compound of the words ‘atopic’ and ‘kids,’ and is a brand for children with atopy. ‘ATOKI’ manufactures clothes with extract of pines, box thorns, and angelicas, which are good for atopic treatment. ‘ATOKI’ makes it a rule to do individual packaging to prevent clothes from being contaminated, and the package itself is made of slices of actual trees, so that the good elements that the trees contain can be absorbed into the clothes that are packed within it. The form of the package used a trunk of a tree as a motif to pack 2 or 3 products in it as a set. The main color of the package is red, green, and brown, which represent box thorns, pines, and angelicas in sequence. The customers can also take 2 or 3 products with different tree extract as a set.

Mr. Jang designed by Hye Min Choi

This is Korean traditional sauce with herb. For globalization of Korean food, this product not only keep the Korean tradition, but also contain herb which is generalized in abroad. So this is possible for export. This paste is product for child and foreigner who have repulsion to Korean pastes which have strong taste and flavor. We name this product Mr.jang that represents Korean paste and logo means master who makes Korean paste. Theme of this design is 'the freshing spread in my mouth'. And we express many herbs on package. There are 'Doenjang(soybean paste)', 'Gochujang(red pepper paste)', 'Cheonggukjang(fast-fermented bean paste) and 'Ssangjang' in Korean paste. We put the basil in Doenjang, the sage in 'Gochujang', the lemon balm in 'Cheonggukjang' and the parsley in 'Ssangjang’. We make pattern that represents different shapes of each herb. Color of the package represents feeling of mature paste. Bowl in the package is made of wood, and is made manually by master. So this bowl harmonize with mature paste. And stopper made of cork make paste breathe and delicious.

Cookits designed by Kimhaisun

COOKITS is a compound word of Cook and Kit. The main purpose of this brand is to promote Korean Traditional food around the world with one simple package, with ingredients and recipe. With this product, local Korean Traditional foods can be tasted at home. Tourists can have a moment of flash backs to their memorable trips by having Korean Traditional food at their home. This product can be a great souvenir as well. The product line is various as the main target is tourist visiting in Korea. The most preferred dishes among tourists such as Bibimbob, Mushroom stew, Bulgogi, and Tukgalbi would give them unforgettable and tasteful memories. As it is dried food pack, it is easy to carry and keep its authentic taste as it is. The design contains warm and sincere mindset to give healthy and fresh groceries for visitors through food and ingredient illustrations.
The shape and the color of the package are influenced by traditional Korean beauty.

Seetree designed by SuAMoon

When a creativeness in the education is being focused nowadays, Moms want to make a special gift for their children something much more unique. In order to meet the trend, we have selected the item as “paints” which is widely used in creative education contents, and we combined the eco-friendly concept from the sea. We visualized the form of coral to escape from the old-fashioned rectangle painting concept and used primary colors for the children to recognize which colors they are. The logo was adapted graphic motive as the feeling of paints being dropped. Moreover, we put the coral image to the “T” to make it seen as the coral and paints are connected. This delivers the pleasure to the eyes or children as it is in different forms and in the patterns of coral In addition, we have chosen the shoe-type and graphics to bring the entertainment to children on the cap of the paints and this way moms can humorously say, “put the shoes to the Seetree.” or “it is time for Seetree to go home” to have the children prepare themselves go home with entertainment. In this way, children can put the cap on and see themselves the legs of children with shoes.

On-dam designed by Hyojin Kang

‘On-dam’ is a representative brand of traditional tableware which presents the characteristics of Korean tradition to consumers. The brand name stands for enjoying rest and composure by filling the warmth of body with food and tea. This work of art tries to express a polished design by blending the modern and tradition based on the combination of modernity, practicality and transportability. In addition, this work makes an impression of Korean traditional characteristics by using Korean traditional pattern together with ink-and-wash painting and shapes of Korean natural objects. This work is designed to letting consumers signify what the product is at a glance through the figure of the package since it expresses Korean tradition in the graphic and the shapes of dishes and cups in the form of the package.

Fruit Baby Product Packaging designed by Kye Wooju

This product is made out of 100% organic fruit, and is design for infants whose skin are delicates and sensitive. It is hamless to human baby, and is made out of fruit, which is friendly and familiar to everyone. Therefore, it would be frendly and reliable for the consumers. Moreover, it meets the current trend of consumers interest and demand for the environment-friendly products. When using this product, it looks as if the user is biting the fruit, thus giving an impression that the babies are actually eating the fruit. This also delivers the message that eating fruit is harmless to human baby.

Seed U designed by Ji-young Jeong

Seed U is in place of morning food for busy modern man and woman. Seed U added seed of 'Basil',one of the superfood, and fruit, so it is good for health and makes people eat in short time. Graphic shows fresh yogurt and basil intactly, so it gives consumer fresh and trust. Because of showing Basil sketch at side, you might feel natural. The motive of color is fruit's original color and a paper container structure's motive is fruit and has shape like fruit. Seed U is a compound of a 'Seed' and 'For you' and means food of seed for you, so it makes feel familar and remains in consumer's memory. The font is serif type to associate stem of Basil. The Background of Logo is designed for leaf to show nature.

Balans designed by Song Hyeon I

‘BALANS’ is the product to make people to have healthy food easy and fast despite of lack of time. The shape of package is designed considering the safe storing of food and handiness when people have food. Thus, there is no adherend in the package for the safe storing and it has stretching-out structure to enhance the convenience to have food. Additionally, this work presents the original shape of materials as the pattern of design to show affluence of flavor and nutrition and it uses the color of materials in the rest of package to attract consumers’ attention.

Ttoit designed by Jeong ji young

The TTOIT is organic fruit toy package. From 0 to 5 years as a toy for children, made ​​with organic fruit does not have to put in your mouth. The back of the graphic representation of the animal face with illustrations. Being the structure was designed as an animal form for the induction of curious children. Color also Fruit using a primary color in color representing a design was conspicuously.

Fruit toy for toddlers that awakens the five senses designed by kye wooju

The stage of babyhood is the most effective period of time in our lives to develop the five senses. Recently, the program that allow children to wholly feel the five senses with the use of food ingredient, which is completely harmless to human body, is growing in popularity. Therefore, if new toddler toys are produced with innocuous ingredients, regarding the recent trend, it would provide a product differentiation in the existing toy market. For this reason, I decided a toddler toy made out of fruit, an eco-friendly substance, as the final product. The name of the product is “5 eat” which implies “eating the 5 senses”. The font used was chosen to resemble children’s doodles, which can be connected to the playfulness and innocence of the children. In order to emphasize the fact that the toy is made of fruit, the logo was created to symbolize fruit. The overall design concept is an illustrated animal character, which would be appealing for the children. On the sides and inner part of the packages are images of the character playing with the toy, to help the consumers to get a better understanding of the product.

isTOX designed by Jeong Da Hye

Our purpose is to develop a simple type of food to take various kinds of nutrients for workers who are eager for their health care in fast-paced daily routine. With characteristics of a detox and Color food, we try to show our professionalism and create a visual image as a well-being food company that concerns both health care and weight control. It looks simple, but emphasizes vivid images of Color food as a whole. We geometricized a logo image that toxins are excreting and nutrients are absorbing in metaphor. To make our detox products known to customers, we named our brand “is tox” which means “This is detox food” itself. On the bottom of packaging, we make distinctive Color food images. We intend to give trust with representative images of fresh detox and Color food. We used red, yellow, green, and purple of classic Color food’s color. Our structural packaging is not a common shape of boxes but narrow towards the end embodying the figure that excreting toxins, so we have differentiation with other companies. Developing the brand of Detox and Color food will strengthen the competition with other health food companies and it can be the leading brand of well-being food by using green marketing.

Color Food Cereal Package designed by back su min

Color Food Cereal Pakcage is cosisted of purple, yellow, red and green colors. As it is hard to eat color food that are healthy in everyday life, we designed the cereal so that it will be easier to eat these food. Purple food is made from blueberry, yellow food is made from paprika, red food is made from tomato and green food is made from kiwi. Cereal is eaten a lot as a substitute for proper meal and as it consists of healthy color food, we made the cereal, so that people will be able to consume nutrients from color food. As there is cereal inside the package, people can just pour the milk and start eating without having to pour them into bowls. As the color food is usualy vegetables and fruits, so we took the fruit as the motive for the overall design of the package, with the top as a leaf shape to make the whole package seem like fruit. The package opens by pulling the leaf shape part at the top. For the logo, we made it look like fruit, by combining type and line. For the graphic, we illustrated as if there were blueberries, paprikas, tomatos and kiwis on top of the cereal. On the side, we showed the effects of color food and on the other side, we showed the nutrient contents, ingredients and calories. We tried to make it look fresh to the consumers by making it look like fruit and we designed it, so that it will accurately deliver the color food concept of each color.

Green Underwear Packaging designed by Soo Jin Byun

INCHOLE is the name combined innerwear and cloy(leaf color of green). This design is the special package that uses recyclable paper with eco-friendly products. We sampled 4 designs. An inverted triangle of male, line from breast to pelvis of female,top bra and under wear. It can be used as diffuser since flower component and scent are included. Those four packages are designed to open upper side. It is also cut for actual contents coming in. To sum up, this is natural recycling underwear set to make customers think of environmental awareness.

Vegetable Cosmetic Packaging designed by So Hyun Kim

The cosmetics have considered as one of the important parts among teenage girls. So, we decided to make the cosmetics for the teenagers with sensitive skin. These products are made up of skin & lotion. It's ingredients grow on the grounds - carrot, eggplant,pumpkin, radish. We extracted from element of the vegetables and manufactured them. Therefore, it would protect and manage teenager's skin. The meaning of the packages are "Extract from land". It is consisted of double packages - 'Land' & ' Vegetables' Additional, the texture and leaves of each Vegetables are designed to illustrate the products. As a result, effect of the components about our cosmetics may be more magnified component.

Spa Trip designed by Yae Ji Kim

If one can feel relaxed like going on a vacation in busy daily routine, how good would it feel? So the "Spa trip" was made, in order to give one an experience of enjoying a trip at home and to feel the healing moment. One can simply enjoy hot spring by putting the powder in the bathtub. The best thing about this product is that one does not need to travel around the world just to try the famous hot springs in every country. Furthermore, as this product is only made of pure components from natural hot springs, without mixing any other additives, it is appropriate for all skin types. Unlike existing powder type bath salt in the market, one can freely adjust the amount and preserve it for a long time. The package is specially designed by putting the map of 6 countries and by graphically presenting a texture of water to give soft impression. Also, it is designed to be look like a waterdrop if one combine two packages into one.

Fruit Monster Capsule Detergent Packaging designed by Soo Jin Byun

Liquid Detergent is high quality capsule product recommend by consumers.People can save a lot of detergents and use economically by Small Concentrate Capsule. This Capsule is very useful to "Baby Product, Bathrooms and Kitchens." Easy for washing and No Dirts on Hands. Fruit ingredient product is added and make a comfort to "human body" and "Easy to Wash Clothes". Especially, Baby product, Bathroom and Kitchen and also, any where. This Product is built and highly concerned on Washing Machine's side way movements. The concept of this product design is capsule waves in cool water.

How to Use: Easy to open side ways for adults. Easy to prevent product with hanging the product on the Wall for reaching children's hand.

Da Capo Coffee Packaging designed by Eun hye Cha

Da Capo is a coffee brand which integrates coffee of the 5 seas and 6 continents for customers to choose coffee suitable for their tastes and atmospheres. Da Capo was created, since there is an increase in coffee customers who choose the country of origin and extraction methods by themselves, with the development of coffee culture. Therefore, Da Capo considers various tastes of coffee customers. Also, the eco package is made of cinnamon powders and naturally melt for customers to enjoy coffee more healthily. This product consists of raw-bean coffee, stick coffee, tea bag coffee and Dutch coffee, and a map was illustrated in the package to show the characteristics of cofee of the 5 seas and 6 continents. Plus, the natural hand-painting in the bottom indicates the kinds of coffee and the handle is coffee bean-shaped to express unity. The naming means 'Go back to the first of the song' in Italian. Why it was named this is to show that customers can feel the original taste of coffee. Lastly, the logo type was designed to express luxury of coffee using a coffee bean as a symbol.

Farmy Farmy Fresh Vegetables by Lee yeoung ah

Farmy Farmy is a vegetable package for busy modern people who don't have enough time to grow vegetables by themselves. This was produced, since it was thought that this was really necessary in modern society that health is
considered important and self-sufficient and rural life is increasing.

The vegetable is already planted to keep it fresh for a long time, so it doesn't wither away quickly and you can harvest immediately whenever you want to eat like a freshly cultivated vegetable. This is intended to show a fresh image and an image of a resting place in heart as your own mini farm.

Different kinds of vegetables illustrations were inserted in the product and they were hand-drawn to express familiarity. There is a handle on the top of the product to carry or move readily. Also, a vegetable pot was put into this so you can take it all together.

The pot consists of environment-friendly ingredients which are melt and absorbed in soil. For naming, 'Y' was added to 'Farm' to pronounce easily and the repeated words are intended to remember easily. For a logo, a symbol of nature was inserted in the type of the logo to express warmth of nature. The main item is a vegetable in the pot and the sub item is a seed of the vegetable.

Eclean designed by Da sol Lim

Eclean is an eco-friendly skin care brand. There are many other skin-care products that claims to be concerned with the environment, but Eclean is more eco-friendly in the sense that its packages are made from papers, not plastics. Also, it simplified its package design by combining inner package and outer package into one, which makes it even more Eco-friendly. Eclean consists of cleansing foam, water, oil, and cream. You can choose one among these that suits your skin type. In terms of its graphic design, the package is in facial shape, the water cleansing the face. Anyone can easily recognize that this is a facial cleansing product. Simplicity is the key of the design. We wanted to send a direct message that it is for facial cleansing. When it comes to color, we tried to make clear distinctions between the products, and also considered their effects when they are arranged together. The way to use this product is opening the cap and applying moderate amount to the face. You might think that its package material is prone to damage by water since it is made from paper. However we made it with the same material as a milk carton. Lastly, if you are concerned about the environment, you can start from the basic things in your daily life, such as cleansing your face. Eclean is a great way to help you begin an Eco friendly life.

Aromode - aroma therapy wear packaging designed by Kim Ji

Visual element for ‘Aro mode’ is designed by a shape of each herb, and to show that the aroma therapy is covers the body. As for as concern about that my design. First of all,Brand naming is meaning of give aroma therapy by clothe, which is made in shapes of organic cotton and aroma in the fabric that are normally used by clothes. It’s has a Relax effect, and which is giving fresh feeling for user. Second, graphic design is that used tailor material, herb, and aroma form with soft colors to feel like the product is part of the nature. In the background, you can felt them as a spread aroma flavor. It’s seems like shape of rolling fabric or clothes. Finally, letter type is that used so waved lettering, which is shape of rhythmical wave, and organic herb. To be specific, you can felt them as a spread aroma flavor.

Miaeju designed by Seungyeon Hong

To differentiate the design from existing traditional fruit alcohol, MIAEJU’s packaging was log-shaped. It gives a feel of the liquor that is right out of a barrel where the alcohol is matured. The cylindrical package is different from other liquor packages which are usually rectangular shapes. There are four types of fruit flavors: Cherry, peach, Japanese apricot, and plum. Each cork has a realistic image of each fruit which will give the consumers the feel of refreshing fruits. The design on the label of a bottle is inspired by traditional Korean jacket (Jeokori), and accessory (Norigae), ribbon (Goruem), and the silhouette of socks (Beosun), which are feminine, delicate and smooth.

Tolight designed by Mi So Kwon

My package design is light bulb package design. This light bulb package design is ECO-LED light bulb design which is lighten by using nocturnal animal's eye light. Using LED light bulb is efficient to reduce shortage of electricity. And we choose owl for highlight endangered nocturnal animal "owl".

My design this package with having a intent "By using light bulb lightening principle to a nocturnal animal's eye model, It can save electricity." My package design to motivate typical nocturnal animal "owl". Because I choose owl for highlight endangered nocturnal animal "owl". Owl is nocturnal animal and owl's eye is one of the distinct feature of night. My design light bulb package for Main Target "night worker" and Sub Target "student who study at night".

The theme is "lightened a dawn of colorful life" and we put a meaning, we want to lighten many people's life which is living nocturnal by this bulb package design. The direction of naming is a compound word of "Tonight" and "light" "Tolight". We made naming and put a meaning. Because of the targets are the people who take on active at night and motive a typical nocturnal animal "owl" and owl is activate at night. These facts makes the eye is most important part. We show it is a light bulb package by showing a bulb's round side by using a owl's eye side to a point. I want to emphasize light bulb package by emphasizing a owl's feature "eye" and My designed a package image in cute feeling by characterize a owl. For night owls people, this is the design which is less tired to eye and make a fun to tough daily life.

Healing Mom designed by Jeong Sang eun

Every women go through menopause. So do our mothers. 'Healing mom,' a dried-petal tea that helps menopausal symptoms, is made for all the mothers in the world. 'Healing mom' constantly assists female hormone therapy.
You can simply put it in the water and enjoy the delighting scent of the flower. Logo characters, representing the femininity and healing in the curve and leaves. The graphic of the falling petal represents the femininity and the form of the package symbolizes well-shaped breast and hip of women's to emphasize that this product is for them.

CooCoo RICE designed by Youjin Na

This package is a Pasta Package made of rice to differentiate between other existing packages. And its shape has a motive which comes from grain of cooked rice. As this grain of rice-looking product opens, pasta is inside the package. This is to emphasize that this product is made of rice. And its product is patterned with farmland to make this design organic.

Dr.Scent designed by Park Soyeong

Dr. Scent is a natural herbal fragrances that the health of consumers is considered. As worldwide increased interest in the fragrance of the perfume is also going to use increased. However, many of the perfume products to sell on the market, including making it dangerous substances in their body, as the fragrance for a long time to put in place a lot of inappropriate products. Dr. Scent products to solve it is the fragrance of a solid made using only natural ingredients, consists of dried herb leaves.

Features of the product, using the marketing methods of fragrance marketing is currently rising like incense fragrance that suits around the house. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom look good flavor of pine needles in each room are full of lavender, rosemary and lemon balm scent that has to be well impregnated efficacy of herbal incense and fragrance in each room.

The overall package was inspired with the shape created using the Context of the product in the form of the house, use a picture of each space and the herb leaves from green herbs that there saw a representation of images as illustrated visuals like penetrating the space. When using tear out outward along the lines indicated by the dashed lines on the roof and chimney of a house made to give fragrance to the inner circle of the dotted hole in it comes up there. Shelf or on a flat place where the product is used.

Joy Bake designed by Lee Jeong Yeon

Joy Beak is a vegetable bake dough products that are better for children to eat vegetables. Due to the side of children not eating a variety of nutrient intake equally quick fix when eating habits of children is a big help in the prevention of obesity in the future. But the force stroke and food to children born rather reluctant about the food. Feel that eating vegetables for such children were considered as a single game products that can help you feel more kinship with vegetables. joy bake is a product that parents and children can easily put in the oven directly into products like clay and the dough together to create fun and easy baking. The dough is mixed with powder and red vegetables of the four different vegetables each dough vegetables such as yellow vegetables and green vegetables, try this color is divided into vegetables. Children can make a variety of dishes like baked dough for baking, and you can taste a variety of vegetables. Inside the package is sealed into the dough. Package design looked so cute animals to the children expressed a package that was expressed in the visual erected prick the ears of the animal, which operate in a variety of baking fun to feel a little more interested in the package. You can buy the product and may put the dough products of various colors in a cute box package.

Coobox designed by Seungyeon Hong

This Product was made for the men in early 30s who enjoy auto camping. They usually camp on the mountain and valley with their family or friends. One of the most important things when going camping is a kitchen set for eating. But the kitchen set we usually think is too heavy and inconvenient to carry. Therefore they prefer more practical and light goods. And they don’t want to destruct environments because they love nature. Therefore we would like to propose our product to serve their needs. It is made of starch and has light weight. Also it doesn’t need dishwashing because it can be easily decomposed by ‘water’. Therefore this product is very suitable for our target.

Our product dissolves easily in water. So, It cuts waste. The starch is harmless material because it dissolves in water. As a result, our product which dissolves easily in water is convenient. The feature of package design is the shape to be a camping car - recreational vehicle (RV) when users combine each packages. Therefore, they may feel they go camping easily at any time.

Flowig designed by Mi Hee Park

Would not it be great if you could change your hair style ten times a day? Flowig can be used easily and conveniently as a fashion wigs for young women. Is designed as a partial wig piece used without difficulty and some people enjoy wearing a wig for the first time will vary depending on the style and the rest is removable. Flowig is the biggest goal is to help you to choose a hair style and fashion vary according to the make-up every day, I hope that it will make women more beautiful proud themselves. Flowigs is a wig and compensates hair loss which is aimed at patients on conventional thinning for hair wig with a focus on different hair styles rather than appealing to women as a fashion item. You can look at the design flow ever pop style wigs as a whole is bouncing light colors and character features also shows the characteristics of the piece is part of a package type motif has been depending on the person's head shape itself is divided into two types, focusing on the delicate hair in the graphics were a feature of the hair has to be turn out well.

Sensir designed by Nam Sang-Suk

SENSIR is a blending candle package that mixed Oriental medicinal herbs with normal herbs. As many people around the world are being interested in candles, we branded for women between 25~45 who are highly interested in health and beauty by adding the effects of Oriental medicine. The Oriental medicine used in the product not only smells good but it also helps sleep, revitalize, prevents aging and also it prevents modern diseases. SENSIR’s design concept is a beautiful night sky that took light as its motive. So, we made the candle package take the role of mood light, which modern females will be able to give a little change to the mood and do aromatherapy after long day at work. For SENSIR’s package design, we expressed the delicate light’s emotion like water flowing on the cap. Then on the main body, we expressed the night sky that has lights splitting due to the candle light. By putting Korean traditional paper over the holes on it, we made the light seep out like the Eastern traditional light. SENSIR’s design color was used to express the night sky by taking the Oriental medicine’s color. Furthermore, by using the same color type, we made the light look shiny.

Haedam designed by Jeong Da Hye

Our purpose is to develop a simple type of food to take various kinds of natural seasoning for workers who are eager for their health care in fast-paced daily routine. Target is a single-person household, or a bad cook. 'HAEDAM' which is Chinese. 'HAE' means the ocean, and 'DAM'. The natural seasoning cube, , meaning 'the taste of ocean', is the packaged cube of many seafood like dried pollack, clam, shrimp, anchovy and so on. Different from the normal artificial seasoning on the market, it is made as follows; put the dried seafood in the crusher and crush them, then put them in the cube trays and compress them to go hard. It will deliver the real taste of the sea to busy man today. It is also convenient to store or carry with them.

Red Clay Shoes Packaging designed by Kim So Hyeon

Mainly of 0.002 to 0.005 millimeter in diameter, consisting of particles the size of silt deposits, Loews Corporation (loess is also known). Be weathered well and with the russet tints are not accepted. In the good effects have a lot of Korean red ochre using the benefits of use when developing a product or build a house lot.

Eping designed by Hyemin Choi

I designed the set of tableware for camping. These table-wares are made of starch. So as time goes on, table-wares dissolve in water. Therefore, these are environmentally friendly product. And this set is smaller and lighter than other products. After camping, we don’t have to take these table-wares. It is convenient feature of these table-wares. These days, camping by oneself is trend. So I designed a product for one, two, three and Four person. As the five-day workweek increase, there are many couple who go camping in weekend. And because role of preparing camping is women’s, I designed package of dishes by cute pattern and colors. Graphics is pattern of dish, bowl, cutlery and leaf. These present components of set of dishes and nature. So when you see the packaging, you can recognize that these products are Eco-friendly. Motif of overall shape is mountain where we go to camp and tent that is essential in camping. So if you combine package, overall shape appear mountain.

True Color designed by Yae Ji Kim

This is eco-friendly DIY fruit paint that one can use at home. The reason why this product is special, is that first, it is made from skin of the fruits which could be one of the causes of environment problems when it is abandoned. Since it is made from fruits and skin of the fruits, it has no harm to human. Also, paint itself has aroma therefore it can prevent ' Sick House Syndrome'. Second as current home paint products out there, in the growing market of DIY for women, are too big and tough looking for women in 20s and for households. Therefore, I made the package of the paint small and convenient to use. Also the appearance of the package to look cute and easy so that women can pay more attention to the product. In addition to this, the package is made of paper not like other products made from Aluminums, this makes the product lighter and ables the product to be recycled.

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