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10 Projects You Shouldn't Miss In June

July is here and we look back at 10 of the most inspiring and creative packaging projects that have the highest posts views, social shares, social likes and people reached for the month of June 2015.

‪‎Milk‬ Bottle ‪Concept designed by Dmitry Patsukevich

The main idea was keep the bottle as simple as possible but add some liveliness.


Munch'n ‪‎fruits ‪packaging designed by Tried&True Design

The idea for Munch’n was driven by perfect little fruit mouthfuls that you just can’t stop popping. The range will potentially grow to include Kiwiberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, Cherries, Tomato Berries etc. One of the big challenges with fresh produce is getting the balance right between branding and product visibility.


Better ‪Burger‬ ‪fast food‬ ‪‎packaging‬ designed by 485 Design

485 Design wanted the artwork and packaging to compliment the brand marque by illustrating the journey of the simple, fresh ingredients, and the enjoyment of the product. The detail and variation of the illustration allows 485 Design to create unique items everytime we apply the brand. This also allows customers to interact with the packaging whilst they are experiencing Better Burger. Every time you look at the detail you will see something fresh, whilst eating something fresh.


8munkar ‪‎Donuts‬ ‎Student‬ ‪‎concept‬ ‪packaging‬ designed by Emelie Johannesson & Oliver Sjöqvist

Before this packaging, munkar was something you were eating at home, since you always got sticky fingers and they stick together in a thin, messy paper bag. Your fingers, and perhaps your face, probably got sticky while eating them and we can guess that you wanted to wash your hands afterwards . With our new packaging, we wanted to change the way you eat munkar. We have made it suitable for picknicks, homepartys or when you just want something sweet on the go.


‪‎Brooklyn‬ ‪Grooming‬ Beard Balm ‪Sampler‬ ‪packaging‬ designed by Alfredo Ortiz Catedral

Brooklyn Grooming has been know in the men's grooming industry for their iconic "octopus" and vintage nautical theme. The company manufactures everything by hand, and in a small batches. The challenge was to create a 4 pack box for their Beard Balms and I thought that having an illustration done by hand and wrapped around the box will reflect their "handcrafted nature" of their products.


NOMONO ‎New Zealand‬ Freestyle APA ‪beer‬ ‪label designed by NOMONO

NOMONO New Zealand Freestyle APA beer is the product of NOMONO creative studio and SOLIPIWKO Brewery cooperation. Common brewing and bottling led us to cooperation on the graphic design of the label, which now reflects the creative madness as well as aromatic and bitter nature of the New Zealand hops. NOMONO – born out of love for beer and good design.


Perfect Alchemy ‎Pasta‬ ‪‎gift‬ ‪‎packaging‬ designed by Giotto Creative Studio

Giotto Creative Studio designed the unboxing experience in order to enhance the feeling about a top quality product, but still a simple one. In doing so, Giotto Creative Studio came up with a multi layered solution that shows a glimpse of the pasta from the outside and lets the costumer reach the product step by step with growing astonishment.


Pair Champagne‬ ‪Student‬ ‪‎Concept‬ ‪packaging‬ designed by Natasha Frolova & Louise Olofsson

Pair champagne - Breaking the code. The task was to create a new and innovative package for champagne.


Duckie ‪Cookie‬ ‪packaging‬ designed by Yu-Heng Lin

The repetition of symbols represents how Duck Rice was grown, and combines Taiwanese window pattern and rice paddy shape. In addition, Yu-Heng Lin sketched three different duck character which provide more interest and variety.


Absolut‬ ‪Flavours‬ ‎packaging‬ designed by Brand Union Stockholm

Category thinking says that a fruit-flavored vodka requires a picture of the fruit on the bottle. Brand Union Stockholm wanted to break that convention. Instead, they reached into the symbolism and myths tied to the ingredients to find each flavour’s core essence – and then we amplified that essence through art. Brand Union's interpretations of the flavors were designed without the use of computers, but with the use of traditional design and craftsmanship tools - pens, paper, crayons, paint and brushes.


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