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eBars Energy Bar

Agency: Pure Fusion Media
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: eBars
Location: Nashville, USA
Packaging Contents: food, chocolate, energy bar, health food, organics

eBars energy bars are just about the healthiest bars on the market (the FDA had to invent a special classification for their organic quality). The company secured the rights to some of the most common and recognizable acronyms/words, in correlation to the bars’ efficacious qualities. The label designs are bold and energetic, with the type of intended consumer clearly marked on the front. Are you a runner? Grab a RUN bar. Into golf? Grab a GOLF bar! Incidentally, the GOLF bar alone is eaten daily by over half of the top 40 Pro Golfers in the world, including Jordan Spieth, winner of the 2015 Masters and 2015 US Open.

In addition to the efficacious qualities of the bars, the bars are broken up by Sport/Lifestyle, with the sport bars in black and the lifestyle bars in white. Each bar title is an acronym, which is both a clever concept and a triumphant necessity as Mr. Dalton was supremely dyslexic as a young child. The lifestyle bar line also includes FOCUS (For Optimal Clarity Under Stress), TRIM (Tasty Replacement “In-between” Meals) and, very soon, the LIFE (Life Is For Everyone) Bar, which will provide bars to impoverished nations around the world.

What's Unique?
Perhaps the most important (at least to us and eBars’ founder Dave Dalton) is the opportunity we had to use the label to communicate how he, and his company, views the world. On the front of each bar and box is the phrase “BECAUSE YOU ARE A MASTERPIECE.” Using their product as their medium, eBars was able to broadcast to the world that human beings ALL have significance and value in a way that is creative and inspirational.

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