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Killer Swan (Student Project)

Designer: Alex SIlitra
School: Miami Ad School Europe
Course: Design Influences
Tutor: Pete Serjeant (Global Geometry), Niklas Frings Rupp (Miami Ad School)
Project Type: Student Project
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Packaging Contents: Beer Label
Packaging Materials: Glass, Paper

Killer Swan is a Beer produced by a micro brewery in Michigan USA.

The name KILLER SWAN comes from the swan that lived on Hutchins Lake in Michigan . The swan was the most aggressive swan ever and had the habit to attack everyone and all the boats on the lake.

Because it was huge and aggressive, the myth of the killer swan started to grow in the area, until one day when the sheriff department relocated the bird.

What's Unique?
Besides the story of the name, the story behind the design is also unique. The elements that are found in the design ( the butcher ax, bone and the Czech headline ) come from the fact that the owners family is half Czech and his great, great grandfather was a well known butcher back in the day in the Czech Republic. The family heritage is kept well and subtile in the design as well.

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