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Brami Beans

Design Agency: Interact Boulder
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Brami Beans
Location: Boulder, Colorado, USA
Packaging Contents: Snacking Lupini Beans

Behold the almighty lupini bean, the super legume that contains more protein per calorie than any plant on Earth! Interact partnered with Brami to sculpt the future for the emerging snack that is both delectable and nourishing. The brand spankin’ new branding and packaging design has given Brami the energy and power to match what each little bean embodies.

If you don’t know what a lupini bean is, you should! Lupini beans are a traditional Mediterranean snack and can be compared to edamame in that they are low calorie, low fat and low carb, but are soy-free and packed with protein, fiber and macronutrients. Roman warriors relied on these hearty beans to fuel them during long journeys and now Brami has made the mighty bean accessible to the modern warrior.

Brami’s lupini beans become especially delicious when they are cooked and soaked for multiple days, then lightly pickled with spices in small batches. After being seasoned, the beans are vacuum-sealed into resealable pouches to preserve freshness without adding any artificial preservatives.

The Brami wordmark is playful yet simple, incorporating their iconic bean as the dot in the “i”. A funky fresh bean character is the center point of the packaging, making the snack fun and approachable for people of any age. Various iterations of the bean character can be seen throughout the packaging, continuing to convey the whimsical personality of the brand. The lighthearted food photography on the front enables consumers to easily identify flavors while the window provides a sneak peak to the actual product. The entirety of the brand is tied together by dynamic typography, reiterating the playful quality of the snack.

Lupini beans epitomize a whole new category of great-for-you snacking. Brami is here to power you through everyday challenges, so go ahead and grab life by beans!

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