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Abismo Craft Brewery

Design Agency: Kinetica
Creative Director: Patricio Arevalo, Tomas Guerrero
Art Director: Patricio Arevalo
Illustrations: Gabriela Racines , Cristina Pozo
Account Executive: Andrea Guerrero
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Abysmo
Location: Quito, Ecuador
Packaging Contents: beer, craft beer, alcohol, Craft Brewery, Abysmo

ABYSMO was the name given by the Greek and Romans to a crater near Cumae, believed to be the gate to the underworld. It was dominated by the god Hades and there was no possibility of escape. Whomever tried to flee would become prey of the terrible three-headed dog Cerberus.

We were contracted to develop a labelling system for each of the beer styles that are brewed here.

The concept was to personify each beer style with a different Greek god, adapting their mythological characteristics to each of the beers, yielding a coherent labelling system.

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