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Halzan Beer

Creative Agency: DDVB
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Beer
Location: Russia

Halzan: open out your wings - New brand of beer with a stoic nature by Ochakovo

Russian beer market is characterized by increasing competition because of the popularity of this beverage. The competition has become more incisive in recent years as a consequence of capacity reducing.

In order to diversify its brand portfolio, Ochakovo company decided to launch the new low-segment beer brand – Halzan. The product is superior in quality and “fair” (undersized) priced. It’s created for young people that have permanent lack of money and who is sensitive to changes in economic situation.

The beer is produced according to the classical technologies from natural ingredients only. It does not concede in quality to more expensive brands, but effective distribution and the lack of additional non-promotional costs (active advertising promotion) allow Ochakovo to sell its beer at a low price.

To develop attractive and original design for the new brand, that does not restrict the audience. Brand should be close and understandable for different kinds of young people – simple traditionalists and modern trend followers. This design should be bright and attract customers attention on the shelf in order to effectively recruit the audience without any additional advertising support.

Halzan (holzan, "berkut") - formerly known as the golden eagle, that is one of the largest birds and lives mainly in the mountains and foothills.

In the folklore of different cultures, many birds of prey (especially eagles) are associated with freedom, inner strength and self-confidence. Such character is reflected in the developed image of a new packaging hero - Halzan.

The style of the image is clear and close to the representatives of different target audiences at the same time. simple, without any superficial pathos, firmly standing on the feet, and with a rather brutal and charismatic hero - "regular guy", traditionalists can be associated with. The image also translates a message that "Halzan" - is "fair" beer at a "fair" price.

At the same time more trend-oriented audience will see in this image a reference of the North American lumberjack - strong bearded man in a flannel plaid shirt and with an axe in his hands. Such association makes new brand a little bit ironic, but nevertheless trendy and stylish.

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