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Lego Bionicle (Student Project)

Designers: Neil Khan & Aditi Soni
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design
Course: Packaging Design
Location: Pune, India
Packaging Contents: Lego bricks and pieces
Packaging Materials: Paper

A concept for the redesign of Lego's recent line of toys, from the Bionicle series. The project ran a length of three weeks. Within this time, we redesigned the official Lego packaging to address certain criteria. These included tackling the jostling of pieces and altering the form of the package to better connect with the target group.

The Bionicle masthead was changed for the concept, as a way of updating the original packaging and appropriating it for the redesign.

We also made sure that the concept was viable for Lego's motion for eco-friendly packaging.

What's Unique?
The primary function of the packaging is to minimise damage to pieces due to jostling. By adding a division in the structure, the pieces are segregatedby way of size.

This make sure the pieces are hemmed in to reduce movement.

The form of our concept for the Bionicle line hearkens back to the canister-like appearance that the characters from the mythos appear in. Since the form resonated

with fans of the franchise, we decided to incorporate it into our design.

1 comment: Lego Bionicle (Student Project)

  1. This is absolutely amazing. The canister has a very nice structural elegance that makes it far more attractive. If this design were used do you think it would increase retail prices?


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