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Well-done Chinese Wine

Design Agency: Unidea Bank
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Wine
Location: Shenzhen, China

This Chinese health wine is an inheritance of Taoist health theory. It is of great help to Improve human body function and keep inner balance.

Taoist health care
It almost explores the study of “man and nature” theory and focuses on the human body itself. It believes that we can achieve spiritual transformation through certain secret physical exercises.

Well-done healthy wine
It is an inheritance of Taoist health theory. It is of great help to improve human body function and keep the body’s inner balance.

The image of a gentle and graceful young woman is always pleasing and popular. It is just like the strong bouquet, or a nice rhythm.

Dancing like a butterfly in dream
It is an fairy tale about the fortune teller: Mr. Chou. He love to sleep and dream. In his dream, he embodied into a butterfly and flew in the sky. It was quite a thrill when such dream appears.

Double luck
In Chinese culture, the Deer is a symbol of good fortune and also symbolises strong and healthy body. Two deers, male and female, symbolises happiness and double luck.

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