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Dublin Bay Rum

Designer: Thomas Collins
Project Type: Self Promotion
Location: Dublin
Packaging Contents: Rum, Alcoholic beverage
Packaging Materials: Glass, Paper

In true maritime tradition two soldiers stand at the mouth of Dublin bay. The brilliant green of the north bull lighthouse and to the south the radiant red of Poolbeg lighthouse. For generations their lights have guided sailors to Ireland's fair capital. From darkness to light these sentinels of the Irish Sea have brought safe harbor to those who seek both adventure and quietude.

After a long journey at sea what better way to warm the spirit than with a glass of Dublin Bay Rum. Whether infused with spicy bourbon or refreshing fruit there is ample choice to indulge the senses.

Dublin Bay Rum, infused with bourbon, is the ideal excuse to take liberty and warm the soul after a lengthy voyage. For those who appreciate a more delicate libation it’s all hands on deck with Dublin Bay Rum infused with delicious fruit.

What's Unique?
Rum claims its origins in the Carribbean and Latin America. This strong link inspires visions of sun-drenched beaches and high adventure at sea. Indeed most rum brands play with the maritime theme in some way and rightly so, the beverage was transported throughout the world using ships and was famously consumed by sailors.

Ireland is an Island, so its relationship with the sea is strong. Dublin, being the capital, has a rich maritime history. Most of this history is focused around Dublin bay. The concept with Dublin bay rum was to take a clear rum and a dark rum and find a way to tie them both into Dublins maritime existence. This makes them unique in the sense that most rums hail from warmer shores where as these rums are locally linked to Ireland. The two light houses that guide ships into Dublin bay have different personas yet they somehow compliment one another. These seemed like perfect characters to base the branding on, all the time toying with the notions of light and dark.

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