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Revenge of the Mexican - The DIY Donald Trump Piñata

Graphic designer & Illustrator: Caty Aguilera
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Packaging Contents: A DIY paper piñata in the form of presidential candidate Donald Trump
Packaging Materials: Paper

Revenge of the Mexican is a self initiated packaging design and product project. It is a DIY paper piñata in the form of the presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

The idea for the project first hit me during the winter of 2015, after Donald Trump had declared he was running for president and was continuously spewing racist comments about illegal Mexican immigrants. Claiming they’re criminals, rapists and promising he’d build a great wall that "mexico will pay for”. The name “Revenge of the Mexican” came to mind. As many times before, my ideas often spark with a simple word, or a sentence.

Astonished and appalled about so many things, the racism, the ignorance, and the fact that people would support Donald Trump as an actual president made me want to counter act. I wanted to come up with a designed based response to what I was hearing and feeling.

The name “Revenge of the Mexican” was the first idea I had, that would later evolve into the product I created. By making it in a form of a piñata I could ridicule Trump using an actual popular symbol of Mexican culture, and of course, people would be able to hit him (in a festive manner).

I also wanted to create something that could (if possible) eventually be mass-produced, and easily marketed and shipped, so making it a DIY piñata definitely decreased both the manufacturing process and packaging size of it. Although it is now only produced in a smaller limited edition, I also intend to donate 30% of the profits to a fund supporting the legal rights of Mexican Americans, further hitting Trump where it hurts.

The Piñata is made entirely out of paper and comes i 5 foldable pieces, each piece marked with folding instructions.

1 comment: Revenge of the Mexican - The DIY Donald Trump Piñata

  1. Putting candy inside the pinata creates a fake impression because Trump has nothing inside of him.


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