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Sodis-Mastic Laboratory (Student Project)

Designer: Victoria Sodi
Project Type: Student Project
School: Akto
Course: Bachelor
Tutor: Artemis Roussos
Location: Greece

The Mastic tree grows in only one place on the whole planet – the southern part of the island Chios. No research has been able to prove the reason for this phenomenon, although, some older reports note that the uniqueness of the earth in the southern region of Chios can be explained by the volcanoes beneath the sea in that area. According to a local tradition, mastic is the “tear” of the bush for the tortures inflicted on Saint Isidoros in 253 A.D. under a mastic tree.

The passion, enthusiasm and his deeply adore of Ioanni’s Sodis , which was Pharmacist and Chemist, became his dream true, and mastic was become a worldwide substance in cosmetology usage. Following the traditions of research laid down by his forefathers, Sodis has updated dozens of old remedies, as well as creating new products; in the early 1980’s he launched – in a commercial packaging – the world’s first mastic- based cosmetic, the Masticdent toothpaste, with special healing properties for the gums.

Τhat pioneer person was my grandfather.

Cosmetics that created and designed, based on my Grandfather’s manuscripts, which had the fortune to have in my hands, according his philosophy.

To be produced based of organics and unique ingredients and at the same time to be handmade and full of our love and passion , instead of some lifeless machines.

Working on these my mind forwarded to a new idea.So decided to create cosmetics made by mastic that would be ‘tailor made’ to each skin needs!So started to create these kind of cosmetics , which I think that it’s a completely unique idea!

But how would be able to create something which was needed to be changed either to their usages or and their substances?

These questions was puzzled my mind since was really difficult to find a solution which should be satisfied me for both, aesthetically and functionally.

So decided instead of the basic cosmetics and their artwork, to design a special label for each one , which will be written manuscripted, the type of each skin, its needs and method of use, as well.

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