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Redway (Student Project)

Designer: Bálint Tótok
Project Type: Student Project
Location: Hungary, Budapest
Packaging Contents: Food / Drink
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Redway – Between Start And Finish
The Redway Catering Service ltd. Company, brand is fictive. This theme is especially actual in 2016, because the 2016 is a year od Mars and the fact that interest for traveling to Mars is increasing this year. The target of this thesis is to make pictograms, which are related to this theme, the pop-up book, and the picking designs as well.

The aim of the Between start and finish book is to draw a general picture about a part of space travelling in which the Redway Catering service Ltd. joins it. The book covers a complex structure of our solar system and presents it. We learn about the two most important planets for the Redway Catering service Ltd. brand, that are the Earth and the Mars, and their basic characteristics, such as the differences because of this places in the solar system. Also, it spectacularly shows the time and place of the scheduled start, the fun facts of the rocket, and the services of the vehicle.

Finally, at the end of the 210-day journey, we will learn what happens if the rocket lands somewhere else than planned.

The most important thing at the packing was spirituality and functionality. The food packing is peel able and for that reason this packing is flexible and you don’t have to clean the cutlery. The each packing for food and drinks as well is collapsible and because of that they save the space.

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