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Omdesign 2016 Packaging (Concept)

Creative Agency: Omdesign
Project Type: Concept
Location: Matosinhos, Portugal
Packaging Contents: An LBV Vintage Port 2012 bottle, one acorn, a soil sample, planting instructions and a message from the company.
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cork and wood, free of any oil derivatives

To commemorate the 89 awards received in 2016 and to mark the establishment of the company in 1998, Omdesign created a self-promotion eco-packaging shaped as an acorn, the seed of our commitment to the future. This symbolizes the agency’s environmental and sustainability concerns – the desire to return to nature what we have taken from it.

The cork oak is a protected species and its conservation plays a vital role in the ecosystem. Cork oak forests, “the lungs of the Mediterranean”, help preserve biodiversity, prevent desertification and absorb 14 million tonnes of CO2 annually.

For these reasons, Omdesign preserved the shape of an acorn in the packaging and brought together 2 Portuguese icons: Port Wine and Cork.

What's Unique?
A real acorn is stored inside the packaging, challenging consumers to start a planting cycle and take part in the cork oak forest preservation efforts. The top of the packaging is made of wood and its base is a detachable cork agglomerate monoblock, free of any oil derivatives.

When consumers open the packaging, they find an LBV Vintage Port 2012 bottle, as well as a real acorn in a sealed bag, covered with soil. The bottle label works as a pocket, containing instructions for planting the cork oak inside the packaging base itself.

When the tree begins to grow, consumers can replant it to a permanent position in the ground and mark the area with the wooden ring from the centre of the package. The base can later be reused to collect more acorns and renew the cycle.

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