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Doctor's Orders Home Cocktail Kit (Student Project)

Designer: Ollie Batterham
Project Type: Student Project
School: Norwich University of the Arts
Course: Graphic Design
Tutor: Lucy Blazey, Maria Fletcher
Location: Colchester, England
Packaging Contents: Alcohol, Cocktails
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wood
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Competition brief set by bluemarlin design agency. I am the overall winner of this competition. The brief was to create a brand that inspires people to make cocktails at home.

Inspiration for Doctor’s Orders primarily comes in the form of Victorian Apothecaries and vintage Doctor’s Prescriptions. As amazing as it might seem, even by the end of the Victorian period, a person could see patients and prescribe treatments without formal qualifications. The brand revolves around The Medicine Chest, predominantly used by Doctor’s to create concoctions and ‘cure-alls’ to give to their patients. Furthermore, these Medicine Chests would hold dozens of different shaped glass bottles, each with their own beautifully produced label. The main products and other applications are also inspired by the exquisitely produced Prescriptions, with charming handwritten notes that take time to decipher.

Sophistication and premium in appearance, the wooden Medicine Chest consists of three stacked drawers, each specified by their own handwritten label, encased in a silver plated frame. The chest beautifully furnishes any home, and stands proud amongst guests whilst the Doctor on hand administers the cocktails. Lined with vintage medicinal advertisements conveying cure-all’s and ailment treatments, the interior provides a welcome display. The inviting presentation ensures guests will gather round the well-crafted Cocktail Kit, engaging in all the beautiful elements hidden in and amongst the drawers.

The top drawer contains 12 different Cocktail Bitters & Flavourings, pre-selected or chosen by the customer upon ordering. The middle drawer holds the Spirit of Choice, be it Vodka, Gin, Whisky or Rum. Lastly, the lower drawer includes The Companion to the Medicine Chest Recipe Book, which evokes a plentitude of handwritten cocktail prescriptions and hand-drawn diagrams.

The customer has the choice of selecting 12 out of 32 different Flavourings & Bitters when building their Medicine Chest. The Flavourings & Bitters come in 4 different categories: Spicy Bitters, Herbal Bitters, Fruit Bitters & Mixers. A Bitters is traditionally an alcoholic preparation flavoured with botanical matter, however, Doctor’s Orders turns the tables on the flavours with sour, floral, spicy notes.

What's Unique?
The way in which this project is unique is down to the idea behind it. Based on vintage medicine, the Cocktail Kit uses elements from Victorian apothecaries and Doctor's work benches.

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