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Creative Agency: Yindee Design
Designer: Walailuk Dechasiriphong
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Aspired Consumer Enterprise Co., Ltd
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Packaging Contents: Sanitary napkin
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Off-set printing

Quiescent, first time of individual pack 100% cotton-cover sanitary napkin with aesthetic value, is women’s handy confidence.

We were asked to design the packaging for high-end sanitary napkins which the materials are handpicked and costly from the start. Meanwhile, Thai sanitary napkin brands are competing with price. Our strategy is value-based pricing: higher price for higher quality.

Against the Thai norm that sanitary napkins should be kept hidden, the beautiful individual pack can be carried anywhere with confidence. For sanitary, Quiescent’s individual pack offers a better way for disposing the used napkins. Thai women are taught to fold paper to wrap up the used ones. It’s vexing, and usually the napkins unsightly come undone later.

This is a premium feminine product with the simple and calm colors of the sky for each pack.

The feedback is astounding. Customers are attracted by female-friendly design; the assets of the packaging do enhance the use of napkins. Accordingly, Thai women became aware that they had never tried the best one before. Those who had skin irritation with other brands mostly repurchase and advocate Quiescent to their friends.

What's Unique?
Each color of the sky indicates each type of sanitary napkins: light blue for light, pink for heavy, and violet for overnight.

The individual pack goes against the Thai norm that sanitary napkin is something to keep off sight. It's beautiful and can be carried around with confidence.

It helps keep the used napkin in one piece for a better public restroom's sanitary. The packaging and individual packs are printed with soy ink.

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