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Premium Seasonal Makgeolli 'Chirt-sool'

Designer: Gini Kwak
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Kooksoondang
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Packaging Contents: Makgeolli
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Label
Printing Process: Flexography

‘Chirt-sool’ is premium makgeolli(Korean traditional rice wine) brand made with freshly harvested rice by KOOKSOONDANG, a Korean representative traditional alcohol manufacturer, and presented only for a certain period of fall every year like Beaujolais Nouveau ; ‘Chirt’ means ‘the first’, and ‘sool’ means ‘alcohol’.

It is characterized by softer and fresher taste, using newly harvested rice and clean water from Gangwondo, where the brewery is located. Because makgeolli has long history in Korea usually brushstroke and calligraphy was used to emphasize the traditional and cultural images and these gives an old and normal impressions, not special. So did Chirt-sool since 2009.

In September 2016, design renewal was planned to express the fresh taste and to highlight neat, modern and premium images. In order to express the softness of makgeolli, we used an off-white (bright ivory) color- also color of makgeolli itself– through overall package from label to cap and chose label with smooth surface. Geometric line graphic that motivated from the clean water and rice, gives stylish and refined impression.

As a point effect, glitter coating was added the BI, and that makes brand name stand out despite of the size.

What's Unique?
Visual harmony between contents(makgeolli) and packaging(labels and cap).

Modern graphic pattern and soft fresh colors are expressing the quality and specialty of the product.

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