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Creative Agency: Vibranding
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Vitbot
Location: Granollers, Spain
Packaging Contents: Reusable bottle
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard

The essence of this product is its shape: an ovoid reusable bottle which vitalizes the liquids it contains. Besides tweaking the logo, the managers of the Californian company Vitbot asked us to rebuild their identity, redo their packaging, restyle their website and rethink their communication strategy. A comprehensive branding job to unify the brand’s form.

A message for everyone
The first piece that had to fit was the brand message. Did it want to continue preaching to the converted? Or did it want the general public to understand that the shape of a bottle is crucial to the state of the water it contains? Did it account for people being increasingly more aware of natural geometry and biomimesis? And, above all, did it account for the fact that, thanks to that ovoid design inspired by the forms of nature, they had achieved a highly appealing product? Fortunately, they were aware of all that.

We removed a superfluous spiral that failed to bring anything to their logo and slightly adjusted the edges of the logotype to give it natural geometry. Then we went on to redo their packaging.

Special packaging
There are many options in the reusable water bottle market: some are for hiking and camping, others are more urban, some are for sports and there are even a few that restructure water. However, there is no brand that vitalizes it as well as looking good. Vitbot, with its design, the characteristics of its bottles and product variants, could indeed offer just that. Such uniqueness had to be conveyed in the packaging. We wanted the bottle to take centre stage. That’s why the bottle is held up on a base inside as well as outside the box. The finishes have a silky touch, the colours evoke the various tones of water at different depths and the overall result is that of an elegant and stylish product that also vitalizes water so that its molecules recover their original hexagonal structure. Form and function in perfect harmony.

Online sales
For a product sold around the world, the window onto the global marketplace is of utmost importance. In addition to restyling the website design in order to bring it as far into the 21st century as its products and its brand (aligned with the concerns of a new generation of mindful consumers), we also defined the look of the images to be used. The result is a website containing elementary forms and suggestive images that convey serenity. Not everyone practices meditation or yoga and is familiar with the sensations that can be achieved, but there is one sensation that everyone recognizes: the serenity you feel when floating in water. That calmness really is the same. That was the idea behind our solutions for the brand. Now everyone could understand the balance liquids achieve inside a Vitbot.

Connecting with the community
For the communication strategy, we established a first phase aimed at achieving brand awareness. The social media content mainly deals with lifestyle, the philosophy and values of the brand and, to a lesser extent, the products. Images of nature, natural geometry and the values of sustainability, ecological responsibility and self-awareness. Once again, we choose to convey the idea of peace and balance in order to reach the widest possible target.

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