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Dive In - Color Pencil

Designer: Tishana Elizabeth John
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design, Pune
Course: Graphic Design
Location: India
Packaging Contents: Watercolor Pencils
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Duplex Board - Grey back (400gsm)
Printing Process: Offset Printing

Very often, while doing a detailed artwork, we tend to use a lot of colors. Most of these color pencils would vary by just a minute shade, and so we end up using at least 10-15 pencils. The current packaging provides no facility to organize or properly arrange the color pencils that are in use.

Providing slots on the outer packaging acts as a stand for the pencils. This will help avoid creating a mess out of your workspace and also help efficiently arrange the pencils in use according to the artists’ liking.

The illustrations done and the nomenclature selected have also been creatively adapted from nature.

Disclaimer: This is a classroom project and not commissioned by Faber-Castell

What's Unique?
The traditional Faber-Castell packaging contain artworks that have been done by hand. This packaging has taken on a modern twist with graphics that have been done digitally and have been made to look realistic too.

Also, the circular slots designed can accommodate hexagonal and triangular pencils as well, enabling the artist to use the outer cover separately as a pencil stand, not just for the pencils that come in the given set.

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