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Product Packaging and Why It is Important

With more products out there than ever, great packaging has become a necessity for product manufacturers. Top brands will pay a lot to ensure that their packaging is as good as it can be because they know its vital to the success of their products.

Below are the main reasons why product packaging is so important.

  • Influence purchasing decisions – Arguably the most important role of product packaging is to influence consumer purchasing decisions. This can be achieved this through the use of color, pushing the USP of the product and using compelling language that evokes strong emotions in people.
  • Differentiate the brand – Another key thing that makes product packaging important is that it's used to differentiate a product from the competition. Imagine going to a supermarket where all the products were simply in blank containers. It would be it impossible to make any informed decisions. You should therefore always strive to make the product label stand out as much as possible.
  • Marketing – Lastly, it might not be immediately obvious that product packaging is a form of marketing but it in fact is. By having a prominent company logo on the packaging it helps to build brand recognition with customers and works as a very effective form of marketing.

A type of product packaging that many designers specialise in is bottle packaging. If you walk through almost any supermarket you'll notice there are so many choices of bottled products, from beers, wines and ciders to bottled water and soda.

Because of all this choice, distinctive bottle packaging is vital for manufacturers who want to stand out from the competition. Bottle packaging often requires a range of skills to pull off well, from hand lettering and calligraphy to illustration and proper color selection.

The type of design that's used for a particular bottle will depend on what it contains. For example wine product labels will often dry to convey class and make use of colors such as black, purple, red and gold.

If you want more information on product packaging and why it's so important then check out the infographics below from Fast Labels.

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